How much speed do you need to get over the barrier?

We are working on making our robot go over the bar, and are having problems. In many of the robot reveals that I have seen, the robots have no trouble going over the bar, and often have a similar or identical drive base to ours, but geared faster.
Does anyone have any experience with this?

We are using 200rpm direct drive 4 motors, and we were just using the c-channel for testing.

if you look at the robots that go over the barrier, they almost always have some sort of sled, a piece that raises the robot up as it hits the barrier (something like this). Otherwise, your wheel will be under the bar and it will be next to impossible to get your robot over. Speed shouldn’t matter too much, but for the sake of being competitive I’d reccomend you change your gear ratio. 200 RPM is way too slow. I would at the bare minimum run it at 280 RPM.


Sorry, I should have given some more info. We can get up the bar, but tips back too far. We were wondering if the speed would help prevent this?

Speed won’t help with the tipping problem. Giving the robot a lower center of mass and/or more weight towards the front should help you to get over the barrier. Do some experimenting, and try different things such as moving heavier components (Pneumatic tanks, battery, brain, etc) to help balance out your robot. Good luck, hopefully I could help out at least a little bit.