How much time do you spend doing Vex?

I spend a average of probably 3 plus hours per day (usually after 10 pm) :smiley:

Yeah some days I send the whole day on Vex others I don’t even touch it.

0-30 minutes per day over the last year…

I don’t do it everyday either, but on an average 3 plus hours per day. :smiley:

sometimes i dont play with it sometimes i do it also depends on what im making some bots i can make in like 10 -30 mins

right now i barely use vex, but once my website is finished and all my school work is out of the way, i’d say about 2+ hours

Once I get started on a good idea, I can build 8 hours straight. However, on a daily basis, i don’t build more than 30 minutes a day.