How Practical do you think a Bulldozer would be?

I’ve read the manual, and I know that its definitely legal (by using a flat surface, not a concave surface), but how practical do you think it would be? I also read somewhere that it might be possible to block the enemy goals using it, but would it even matter against a claw or a maybe catapult?

Not that effective. Most of the acorns are match loads and a pushbot won’t be able to access them.


Let’s call them “opponents” rsther than “enemy.” Robots is a place to meet friends in competition.


Same thing, he doesn’t mean anything bad by it no need to criticize if you’re not gonna answer him


Actually, words have meaning. In the context of VRC, teams on the opposing alliance during qualification rounds may be your alliance partners in an upcoming match, or partner in elimination rounds.

It is nuanced, but important distinction to label something you enemy vs opponent. The former is a strong negative connotation, the latter has more opportunities.

Critiques are not a negative - but rather a path for bettering oneself and the community as a whole.

Yes, critiques and criticism are nuanced too.


I personally think a bulldozer will be very practical. A robot that can push more than one acorn under the net at a time will be fairly effective, both in skills and matches.

My thinking process is that there will be a robot that launches the acorns over the center to a waiting robot that pushes them under. A bulldozer would be useful for shoving the acorns under the goal without going one by one or pushing them back over to the other side if you’re defending.


You are all forgetting two things. First of all, in H2H games, what if you are a bulldozer paired with another bulldozer in Qualification. Your alliance will stand no chance and in such situations, there will be a huge point loss in qualification matches because of it. Secondly, skills! Arguably, skills are as important as H2H, with more world qualifications coming from skills rolldown, skills winner etc. than tournament champion, division champion etc. By having a bulldozer, you are needlessly limiting your skills. I am sure it is much better to build a versatile bot than banking on your alliance partner chucking tri-balls over.

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what if you used a bulldozer but had a claw that funtioned to just get the block out and into the dozer pusher while also being able to lift the robot at the end

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