How RobotC control solenoid valve

How RobotC control solenoid valve
What function can do this?
And How do I define the port?

In order to control a VEX solenoid in ROBOTC, you will need to first configure the port that it is plugged into as a ‘Digital Out’ (you can also give the port a specific name, such as ‘solenoid’ to make the programming easier and more user friendly).

To activate the solenoid in your code, all you have to do is assign a value of 0 or 1 to the solenoid using the ‘SensorValue’ command:

Depending on how the solenoid is physically configured, a value of 1 will either expand or retract the solenoid, with a value of 0 doing the opposite.

You can find more information on the digital out command here, and more information on configuring motors and sensors in ROBOTC here (under the ‘Movement -> Moving Forward -> Renaming Motors’ video).