How robust are the platforms? stand on them?

For half of the students the first thing they will want to do is step up the platforms. How robust are these? will they support the weight of an individual without permanent deformation or breaking? and what would fail first on them given enough weight on them?

We have the full field kit and I would NOT recommend standing on the platforms. They are strong enough that I wouldn’t worry about a robot breaking them, but the top of the platforms is made of plexiglass that appears to be the same thickness as competition legal Lexan. I think it would break if anyone stood on it.

How bendy are the platforms? Some of my team was concerned about it bowing when you parked on it

The platforms will be fine with robots, they wont bend very much although we haven’t tried putting a full weight robot. I believe that the platforms are built to hold about 100 pounds so definitely dont stand on it, and I wouldn’t risk it even if you are less than that

We got our platforms and yesterday i managed to accidentally step on them about 4 times. From the way they bent i would not reccomend standing on them xD but i think the bending from a robot would be insignificant.

no, the lexan would likely deform permanently

Unless your robot is like 60 pounds, don’t worry about that, but I think if an average teenager (140 lbs) stood on the platforms, the lexan would either break or be permanently bent like @TheColdedge said