How’s long would you wait to unlock your iPad?

My friend’s iPad is locked for 47 years. I don’t know how or why.

You could try restoring it from the iPad’s paired Itunes account, that should fix it, but you may not be able to back it up before hand.

looks like that time was added digitally, likely in snapchat.

Besides, that text and GUI looks like something from the pre-iOS 7 era.

This actually happened to my old, old, old iPod 2. I don’t know how it happened either. All you have to do is connect it to iTunes, and restore it. This will completely fix it. Good luck!

Or this. Likely the system time got reset sometime after the iPad locked (maybe critically low battery). Somewhere in the code it probably says “unlock at 4:00pm on 11/3/17”, but it thinks it is 1970. We used to have this problem with an old laptop resetting and EasyC being angry that our license was not up to date. Once we updated the system time/date it was fine.

Thanks that explains how that happened. It was out of battery when we discovered this.

It is a sign…

I also faced a similar situation, mine was also locked for years and itunes restored it successfully :slight_smile:


That was definitely added in on snapchat you can easily tell lol.