How Should I Load with Bags for Skills???

I don’t start threads often, so I hope this is the right place.
Considering the fact that we might be using the bags at world’s does anyone have any special techniques that would prove useful for an efficient skills loading run?

big shirt + 32 balls = 32 balls in really big shirt

Damn, why can’t you teach, math. My Advanced Functions teacher can’t teach like you can. XD

The other option is setting all DCL functionality (launcher, intake, etc.) to button presses, rather than button holds. You can then have the driver hold the bag while your loaders do their thing.

Can confirm. We are doing this.

Dang. Henry showcasing the type of ingenuity needed to win World programming skills twice :stuck_out_tongue:
Guess i don’t need to worry about our club’s future after i graduate anymore.

We’re planning on taking people from our B team since we only have two people. Our driver will hold the box and we’ll somehow figure out how to throw balls in really quickly.

Or we could hire a high schooler from a circus and have him/her balance balls at an easy-to-reach location.

Like this, except with 32 balls.