How Standby works?

A couple days ago i was talking with another team that didn’t make it to worlds and he said that he was going to bring his bot to be a stand by team. I’ve never heard of stand by teams so if anyone is able to explain to me how this works that would be great!

Have not heard of it.

Teams during qualifying matches whose alliance partner representative does not show up are allowed to drive a second robot provided by the RECF - a squarebot/pushbot if I recall. We had that situation occur during SkyRise and the head ref went scrambling to find one because it is an extremely unusual situation when the alliance partner does not show up to a qualification match. It bought enough time for the alliance partner to show up (they overslept - first match of the morning…)

Standby team? Not sure what that is about. Could be if they need to even out divisions because a team could not show up on time.

Would be interested in learning more about it.

I believe it’s just a team taking the place of 274 who didn’t make it. So, on the matches team 372 shows up for all of team 574 matches

This was the case at the US Open it usually consists of local teams that fill in for teams that don’t show up I do not know if that is the case for worlds

You should add your name to the waitlist and contact your RECF rep. It’s a shot in the dark.

At Worlds, they provide a psuhbot robot for your team to drive. This was the case in SkyRise. I have not heard of allowing a “substitute” team at Worlds. Maybe it is a new thing.