How the heck does this robot work?

so i found this picture under random pics in the gallery and i can’t figure it out i can tell that the zip-tie brush sucks the balls in but what does the arm and the rotator thingy do? my best guess is that the whole front compartment is a basket but the gear ratio on the arm does not seem like it could lift that much weight.

the only reason i made a thread about this is because the pic is really old and doesn’t have many views considering the time it has been up

i can’t see the picture. it is just a white box with a red X.

oh, i see you fixed it now. disregard that^^^ post i made above.

sorry about that i put the url of the page with the pic and not the direct link :rolleyes: it sould be better now

i think you are on the right track to knowing how it works. i think that the arm seeks assistance from those rubberbands that you see. the gear that is connected to the rubberbands probably helps lift up that arm. it looks like this bot wouldn’t steer very well, though.

but what is the point of the arm it doesnt seem to be attached to anything

i don’t know…maybe it lifts the bin upward so it can score the high goals? i would like to have a VexLABS person come here and tell us. they built it, nobody would know it better than them!

good idea “LEXLABS PEOPLE WE NEED YOUR HELP” i hope they hear me. this is very confusing i don’t think it has ever taken me this ling to figure out a bot. i hope it’s not something really simple that would be embarrassing

if we had side views of this bot, we could have a better understanding. we have only the sight of one dimension, so it is hard to tell what is connected to what.

that is a good point although around the area with the rubber bands attached to the arm i think i see some rope.

This is from the VEX Pilot Tournament at the 2005 FIRST Championship Event. The VEX robots that year played a variation of the 2004 FRC Game “FIRST Frenzy”. Part of this game involved hanging your robot from a bar. I believe the arm on this robot is part of a hanging mechanism…


I think John is right. I don’t know what else it could be for. But another question-what’s the gear under the arm for? The one at about the middle.

There is something thick and white hanging under the 'bot near those gears. I’d bet a dollar that the arm is raised with a fast, low-power motor, and then winched back down using those gears with the white cord. The winch is what lifts the robot off the ground.

would need a side-view pic…my guess is that the arm underneath has an appuratus to pick up the balls that are in teh basket