How tight do the stars grip the fence?

We do not have the full field kit yet and were introducing the game with the sample kit elements only. There was a question I could not answer without the fence.

How tight do the stars grip or hold on the fence?

The best we had was the field perimeter and they seem easily knocked off from there. Is that a fair comparison point?

They are easy to knock off…probably exactly (or nearly) like the field perimeter.

The field perimeter is 1.27" thick, the fence is 1.26" thick. Sounds pretty much close enough to me (if anything they’ll be easier to knock off from the fence than the perimeter I guess?).

At worlds we tried to get the star on the fence as hard as we could and it was still really easy to knock off.#303

But where do the cubes go on the field when your setting it up

Not on the fence… Only 2 start on the field. If you want a more detailed location look at the Starstruck Manual