How tight should flags be?

We have a new field, and we noticed that some of the flags take way more force to turn than others because it gets stuck on the middle notch. How tight should the flags be?

It’s going to vary between tournament to tournament. If you can flip your tightest flag, you should be fine at an actual tournament.

Yeah, tightness is a variance I think should have been accounted for in part design, either deliberately making them looser by increasing the flag opening, or by adding the tightness information somewhere. Oh well. Nothing can be done now. I’m sure the game can still be played as intended later in the season.
EDIT: Or maybe the variance is intentional to account for real-world engineering solutions with variable tolerances. Not every solution will work every time.

Its a variable at matches as well. Not only field to field, but it seems flag to flag. Some have been hard to turn, some are easy. A question got raised on the Q&A about lube, and the answer was “there is none”. So, essentially, you need to account for that in design.