how to - 90 degree rubber link

I am trying to to come up with a way to mount a rubber link parallel to a 5 wide c-channel. In other words trying to find a way to mount it as if it were laying on a piece of 5-wide pointing down the channel long ways. I thought about wheels collars, but screw sizes are wrong and the thickness might be too thick. Has anyone come up with similar situation or solution?

Shaft collars can work. On a 5 wide c channel a pillow block could work too.

Can you try and draw a picture and upload with your camera?

Have you tried unscrewing a set screw from a shaft collar and screwing in the rubber piece there and then screwing the shaft collar to the c-channel?

Maybe try a standoff or a segment of standoff(s) with shaft collar and screw?

Images are from jpearman

Thanks guys!