How to access Vision Sensor utility in C++ Pro?

I can’t figure out how to access the vision sensor utility in C++. Can I please get some help?

Are you using VCS or VexCode?

I am using VCS as my coding software.

Try not to put posts in the wrong ctegory and use the wrong tags. You had it as RobotC and Vexcode, when it is actually neither of those.

To my knowledge, C++ Pro doesn’t have a vision sensor utility. To configure the vision sensor, you can use the hacky way of using Vex C++ and importing the header file, or switch to VexCode, which has the same API, meaning all of your code should work in VexCode without problem.

Switching to VexCode is your best option.
However, yes, all the VCS languages have a vision utility.
There are tutorials for it, just look them up.
For C++ Pro, there should be a little gear where you put the line that declares the vision in robot-config.h

yes it does. Create a vision instance in robot-config.h and then a button will show that you can use to configure it. However, if you are using C++ Pro your best bet is too switch to VEXcode as @theol0403 suggested.

Sorry about the wrong tag, this is my first post. I didn’t know VEXcode was available, how do I get it.

Using google =)

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preview 3 is here.

searching the forum for “VEXcode” would have found it.

Sorry, I didn’t look hard enough before. Thanks for the help though!