How to Account for Center if Rotation Not at Center

My team has a robot where 2 anti-tips are deployed behind the robot once the match starts. The issue I have is that the center of rotation is not necessarily centered. The anti-tips are smaller omniwheels and also farther behind than the wheels in the front. I was looking at this post Here and think that my center of rotation is also a little behind the center of my robot. How would I account for this when making a turn in auton? I’m thinking about using an inertial sensor for the gyroscope but I’m not sure what I’m looking for.

Here is a picture of one side of the drive train. The other side is mirrored. image

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Watch your bot spinning in place to find the center of rotation. When planning autonomous motions, move that center point to where it needs to be in order for the bot to do what it needs to do. If your center is 11" behind your intake, move the bot so that the center is 11" away from the cube.

That being said, your center of rotation probably changes when you pick up cubes… and probably will not have a dramatic affect on a 15 second autonomous regardless.


Nice release mechanism on the anti-tip slides btw

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