How to account for turns in odometry

I’ve been trying to make my own odometry by using 2 dead wheels on my drive. I just realize that this is all fun and games until it turns, the X-Axis wheel becomes the Y-Axis and vice versa. Do I have to use a gyro to make it switch?

I’ve been working on one, and have almost completed it. Use the pilons odometry guide to get the equations to use, then write a program to monitor the coordinates.

Are your wheels parallel to each other? In order to do turns you need to have them parallel or some other sensor.

I had them perpendicular to each other

You need 3 wheels, two which are parallel.

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Well there is your problem. I highly recommend looking at the pilon’s (5225a) odom document. They have 2 parallel wheels which handle the turns as well as forward and backward movement. As well as one perpendicular wheel to handle lateral movement. The doc explains it better then I ever could.

Edit: Team 5225 Introduction to Position Tracking Document


is there a link that I can use.