How to add a tilter for a reverse tray extender

I just need to know a good way to make an extender i only have one week so i can build a base on my own i need to know how to attach it to the extender.What supplies would i need im going to do two 25 hole by 5 hole c channel as the base of the tilter and im guessing i need a motor.

When i used extender on the paragragh i meant tillter

most tilters use a 4 bar mechanism to prop the tray forward, you should be able to find videos on youtube than demonstrate this concept. 448x’s ri3d documentary would be a good place to start.

i think were gonna try this instead image Image result for vex tilter"


assuming the gearbox is affixed to your drive and that the end of the arm is attached on a pivot to your tray, than this is a 4 bar mechanism.
I’d recommend using a stronger gear ratio too, 1:5 isn’t enough imo. try 1:7 at 100 RPM.


High strength gears are a must with this and 1:7 ratio and the powerd arm(the one attached to the gear) should be paralell to the tray

use screw join if possible instead of shaft.
use HS-gear

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