How to add blue dispenser mechanisms to snapshot?

Alright, I know snapshot isn’t a great robot so im trying to improve it. Whats a good way to take out the disks from the blue dispenser using this herobot?

There are some videos and discussion found here with the instructions found for each snapshot. One of the key things we went over tonight was "How big can the robot be? " (see the rules). "How big is Snapshot compared to the size limits (uses about 1/3 of the space). What happens if we make it wider, taller, longer? (Answer tonight was “we get more space to build new things” )

You are in a box called Snapshot. If you think outside the box, but inside the max size box, what else do you now have room for?

Thinking outside the box sometimes means thinking outside of an arbitrary box. IQ is a case where bigger is sometimes more.

I realize that this is a “zen of IQ” type answer, but think some more and you will come up with more ideas.

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Alright, I’ve realized that my old way that I thought could get it didn’t have enough torque to lift it up, So I learned how to increase torque. May still be a little ineffective, but it will do for now.

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