How to add VEX CAD files to Inventor Pro 2012

So I finally downloaded Inventer 2012, but I don’t know how to add the VEX robotics parts! I have all the files, but I don’t know were to place them. Can anyone help??

You need to open the step files using inventor and save them as inventor part files. To open a step file you need to be looking for either step files or all files in the “files of type:” window. THe first time you open a step file it will take quite a while; that’s normal. Once you have saved it as an inventor part file you will be able to open it quickly.

Since there are so many files, though, it’s much easier to simply download the CAD library of someone who has already done this. There are several available - 24 has made one, 1200 has made one, and Aperture has made one. The one I use was first posted by Drbayer from 1200B here and is supposed to be a combination of Jordan’s from 24C and Andrew’s from Aperture. It’s mostly complete, it has colours, and it’s pretty well organised. I’m very very grateful to everyone involved in creating it - I seriosly recommend using it instead of the step files, it will save you a bunch of time.

Thanks! I downloaded the one from 1200B. I tried putting the file in the library, but could find it in the open file inside of Inventor. Any tips?

Yeah inventor has this weird thing called a library which it wants to use the first time you use it. You can, however, just have all your files in ordinary folders and open them as you would in any other program, and eventually inventor works out that that’s what you’re doing. I can’t remember exactly how that part went but for the time being you can just open the folder that has your parts in it using windows explorer (or equivalent) and open the files that way if you’re having trouble.

For all I know, though, the library might be worth using. I just never bothered to learn how to use it.

Oh, okay. Well thank you soooo much! :smiley:

In this video you see where to place your part library. I also have some other videos tutorials posted on my channel. I plan on posting more in February or March.