How to attach a custom claw to a scissor lift

Help… We don’t know how to attach it…

YouTube Skyrise reveals and look for ones with scissor lifts in the thumbnails. You basically have to fix the bottom to a chassis, and then add a linear slide to the top and bottom. Also just a note, a 2 motor Starstruck claw is WAY overkill. You really should consider a lighter, smaller, one-motor redesign. Good luck!

same main idea as Mira, but gonna elaborate a little more on claws
First, agreed you don’t need a starstruck claw unless you’re wanting to crush the cones
Second, if you’re looking at a top-down claw, look at ALBA OSIZR, probably the best top-down claw this season. If you’re looking at a side claw, look at 21S’s (or basically any of the cali teams that have competed with positive results) robot from a while ago, they had a great side claw. Lastly, if you’re looking at passive claws, keep innovating. I’ve seen some phenomenal, unmatched passive intakes already being implemented into some very solid robots, and personally I believe they’re going to be what most people have by the end of mid-season.
Keep at it though, you’re making progress.

yeah max, you kinda want to have a smallier claw. but if you HAVE to use that one, I would attach it to the highest X intersection, using a very long screw.

Generally a bar from the top front X point that does not move horizontally acts as a platform for you to attach your claws and manipulators. In order to keep this parallel to the floor, you generally do want sliders on the top to keep a nice level base up there.

Once you see this in action, that long arm of yours may want to be trimmed down a bit. It will interfere with the scissor X otherwise. Make it as wide as 18" open and you can probably start that way

Doing this does put a bit of weight on the front side of the robot though. It may or may not be troublesome.