How to attach a scissor lift

How do I attach a scissor lift to my base. It has 2 motors. I need to know how to attach it.

Ummm… screws? Some pictures would be helpful.

I was thinking the same thing! Robot cat - if you are new to robotics, youtube is your friend. Lots of useful videos for the topics you are looking for.

You need a pivot point and a slide for any scissor. Then there is the lifting mechanism. We’ll treat that a different component in your scissor subsystem.

The pivot point works well with eyelet or bearing blocks with a screw or a shaft. A screw has less wiggle room but more friction. So play with that as your options.

The slider can be the punched out angle but that has a ton of friction or a linear slider in the track. Using some spacers and the eyelet on the internal green slider is the preferred way to go here. Again your choice of the screw or shaft for pivoting. Attachment on to the scissor part is fun design too.

Forces not on the horizontal plane can wreak havoc with the scissor operations. So pay attention to these as your lift or as you carry elements about. that little green slider does not like to get off the horizontal axis.

Now for the lift. Two motors is pretty minimal for a scissor. It can be done but it is slower. 2 motors generally rules out the 7:1 gear on the central X of the scissor mechanism and forces a linear slide pusher of the scissor. You sure you can’t have more than 2 motors?

How far you collapse the scissor plays a big role in the pushing power needs too. So pay attention on that part of your design. Luckily this year the wall is only 24" high.

Lastly, there are several scissor styles out there. If you plan on lifting your robot by this scissor, do not use the 1x25 method and cross brace everything. It adds a ton of weight but it will crumple your scissor. Vexmen team 81J did that in Toss Up a few years ago and totally bent the scissor when trying to lift. Long hours of rebuild afterwards…

81J Toss Up Robot Scissor attempt
81j scissor crunch

80N Gateway robot from 2012

We used the new slides so that it can move up and down or you could use rollers.

um I need more information.

Here is a link. But I don’t think you would need to build a scissor lift for this game. And also remember that scissor lifts are very slow. I would just make a 2 bar lift geared 1:5 with 6 motors.

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Here is another post on Scissor lifts.

So do we. Except for @Team80_Giraffes, but his info is general.

EDIT: Not to say that his info isn’t also very helpful, but we could probably give more specific help with pictures.

Pictures added… Not wanting to give too much away though. These guys worked long and hard on making them smooth. (yet still slow)