How to attach flywheel successfully

Hi, this question is for everyone who is building the seesaw flywheel model. How did you guys attach the flywheel to your robot? Also mods I have no idea what Im doing in the topic selection thing so im sorry about that

There is no particular “correct way.” It entireley depends on how the rest of the robot is built. I would advise you dont use a seesaw bot, since you seem to be asking for help with every subsystem of the robot. Try something less complex, like a shotgun bot.

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we already built it, our flywheel is just janky, this was the problem with most of our systems which we had to fix, but the robot itself works fine

What is the problem? Does it have low shooting rate? Does it jam when it tries to shoot 2 disks at once? I need more detail, a photo, or a video to really help with this.

I will post a picture when I come home, the problem is that it just shakes a lot, it doesn’t affect the shooting rate

If the flywheel isn’t balanced it will shake when it rotates. Check how you mounted it: pics would help