How to be considered for Design/Excellence at Worlds

With all of the changes this year, can someone please tell me - is it still a requirement to win Design or Excellence at your state competition to be considered for Design or Excellence at Worlds this year, 2021? Thanks for the information.

See page 25 and 26 of

It states for the Excellence Award:
“To be eligible for the Excellence Award at VEX Worlds, a team must
have been awarded the Excellence Award at an event that qualifies teams directly to
VEX Worlds during the current competition season.”

and for the Design Award:
“To be eligible for the Design Award at VEX Worlds, a team must have
been awarded the Excellence Award or Design Award at an event that qualifies teams
directly to VEX Worlds.”

So yes, it is still an requirement to win the Design or Excellence Award to be a contender for the Worlds Design and Excellence Awards.

Hope this helps!


Does anyone know for VEXU?

From the same pages of the same document @StuartV linked above:


I got confirmation from REC that this doesn’t apply this year for the virtual competitions. That document was from 2019.

Oh, I thought it did because it was the 2020-21 documentation, that just happened to be written in 2019.

That is good to know.

Although the URL implies 2019, the document is clearly dated August 2020, and labelled as being for the 2020-2021 season:


What if you had no Provincials (Covid), and they didn’t give out the Excellence or Design Award (because there was no provincials), but you qualified by skills rankings? Are you allowed to receive those awards at Worlds? (Of course, I’m not going to get them but I just want to know.)


Alll teams who submit a notebook will be considered. If you’re doing LRS, all teams get interviewed and for LRT, only the top notebooks get interviewed.

How is this fair at all? I feel like any team should be able to get Excellence. My team was awarded Design at Illinois States this year and I’m sad to hear that the performance between IRL and LRT tournaments and the time gaps between the events do fluctuate. I was told by the judges at the time that getting excellence at states was solely up to the interview, because the other contending team was very close in terms of notebook and match performance. The interview was only 15 minutes, and our team had 3 members in person and didn’t get to present everything, and their team had 7 people from online all chiming in on the presentation.

I hope they have changed the ruling from two years ago because I do not want a 15 minute poorly conducted interview to remove any possibility I can have at getting excellence. I’m sure there’s lots of other teams in my situation. Design Award at regionals is like 2nd place excellence. Our notebook was filled top to bottom on every page for 170 pages, while my sister team had 400+ pages with a full Lego style building guide for their robot and multiple cads and programs.


I believe they do it for the logistics problem. It’s hard to judge every team, when it is more likely a team that previously won the excellence award will win the Worlds one. So it saves a bunch of time and stress to just judge the teams which have performed excellently over the course of the season - because it is more than likely one of them will win.

Though I now think it’s different this year. Since the two weeks I posted that. I’m pretty sure any team this year is elidable for the Excellence Award so longs as they enter a engineering journal and get interviewed.


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