How to bend a curve on Lexan sheets?


Teams using Flywheels may use lexan sheets for guiding launched balls. However, I don’t understand how teams are able to shape lexan into a curve. I have seen that people use heat guns to carefully bend the lexan to their desired curve, but I haven’t seen a clear example of how VEX Teams are bending the lexan sheets.
TLDR : Can someone describe in-detail how lexan can be bent to a desired curve?


Lexan has a natural bend to it. We just changed the bend depending on how we screw in the top of the hood.


Polycarbonate is not a rigid body, it will bend quite far before it breaks. Drill the holes into it and just bend it into position


Everyone has their own ways to bend lexan and put them in a specific curve. Generally our team makes a cast or a model piece to bend lexan around. After we made a model, we put the lexan in an oven until it becomes very soft and then we wrap the lexan around the model or cast. For teams who make lexan for flywheels, most of the times I have seen them force the lexan into a bent position and screw the lexan in the position.
Hopefully this Answers your question :slight_smile:

  • Connor, 1814D


Vex Rules state that Lexan can be heated up (but not melted) in order to aid in the bending process. If for some reason you can’t just mend the Lexan or your curve is too extreme this is the easiest option.


I have had good luck cold bending Lexan, using a sheet metal brake like the Harbor Freight #39103. I have even cold bent up to 1/4" thick square corners in Lexan. If you want a larger radius, wrap it around a smaller cylinder and it will take a set. I have tried heating it, but sometimes end up with bubbles or burns.