How to build a 3600 rpm motor without high strength spacer?

I was trying to build a 3600 rpm motor based off of VEX HEX’s design, but found out that I don’t have access to a high strength spacer (and that I can’t order one till next November). Is there a way to build one without it?

yes, take a 0.5"x0.5" nylon spacer, drill out one side so that it is a press fit over the internal motor gear. on the other side of the spacer drill it out so that it is slightly bigger than a high strength axle. put a cut rubber band in between the hs axle and the 0.5" spacer. also should work with a hs shaft adapter.

This would be a great time to experiment for yourself and document your engineering design process in your notebook :))

Also you could use a high strength shaft collar if you have one, or design a laser cut one in cad, or make a metal outer insert to a metal hex versa hub center- just some ideas to get you started.

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This post has a good laser-cut one that uses a few sheets of Lexan screwed together. It also fits the teeth of the gear instead of gripping it with rubber bands.