How to build a "make shift battery tester"

As i was preparing for my teams next competition i decided we should make another make-shift Battery tester and figured that other teams may have extra old controllers hanging around and may want an easy way to check batteries so here is my guide to make your own “make shift battery tester”

Materials Needed:
one old controller
one Phillips screwdriver
one pair of wire cutters
one roll of electrical tape

Take your Phillips screwdriver and loosen the 9 screws on the back of the controller

pull the controller halves apart

you will have to remove the plate i drew a red box around by cutting the small wires i drew blue ovals around the plate is removed you will need to remove the 6 screws holding the board in
The board should now be free

the board should now be free

cut every wire connected to the board EXCEPT the two larger wires on the left of the board i drew blue circles around

remove the board completely

now remove the screw keeping the wires clamped

once that is done you have to cut the plastic holding the connector in on the other side

i used wire cutters they worked fine

slip the connector out

your makeshift battery tester is almost complete

wrap in electrical tape and your done

I hopes this helps someone somehow in someway. If anyone has any questions post them below and i will happily answer them or just message me

How is this any different from a standard store bought volt meter?

if your trying to save money it would make more sense to keep the screen in the controller because chances are that the chip is going to break and now you out of a controller and you still have to go buy a DVOM. You can just order this one and its on sale for only 4 dollars and it will work fine for you. I have plenty of these in my auto shop class and they work just fine.

We just did this with one of ours, and the biggest advantage is that that annoying beeping sound is gone. Actually, the advantage is that it’s small, but the beeping thing is still nice.

In order to protect the LCD display, I removed the plastic shield from the controller housing and glued it to the LCD. I feel a lot safer tossing it into the box with all the other electrical stuff when the screen is protected.

the advantage is not having to plug the probes into the battery thats so annoying to me and the beeping is also pretty annoying as well

Thanks wouldn’t it work though to just keep the screen in the controller though?

we like it smaller so we can stick it in our pockets