How to build a perfectly aligned chassis?

Hello everyone,

We decided to build a new version of the robot for the upcoming VRC competitions. However, when we tried to build the chassis, we had really hard time to make the chassis well aligned, basically, we needed to build two wheel sandwiches, then connect them and put on the motors, however, it’s very hard to make two identical wheels sandwiches, there were small differences that we had to add or remove one spacer to adjust, also, later when we tried to add motors, we had to drill the holes on the c-channels bigger to avoid the friction.

I am wondering if there are any good tricks or tools we can use to make the chassis perfectly aligned so we don’t have to make so many annoying adjustment to make it work.

thanks a lot!

Shoulder screws can help make sure things are lined up:


can you send pictures? they way ur describing this comes off as

you are using only standoffs to brace ur outer channels (a nono) and you don’t have supports going all the way across. Also make sure you don’t have any metal on metal contact, and the spacing with the wheels isn’t too tight. also make sure ur motors are centered on the holes. There is a tutorial on how to square, and it’s in the blzi tutorial 1 ChassisPart1 - YouTube .


I don’t know how advanced of a drive you’re attempting to make, but if you’re encountering a lot of build quality issues this guide may be of some use:

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leave screws 1/2 turn loose
then measure/tighten all at once

a tape measure is your friend… along with a carpentry square


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