How to build a wedge please help

I’m try to build a wedge for my robot but it’s my first year and I don’t know how and I can’t seem to find any videos or tips on he to do it

Hi, welcome to the VEX forum. Can you draw a picture of what you want to build.

I don’t have a drawing of it but I just want to attach a basic wedge in my robot but idk how to design one but I’ve seen some pictures and I’m using some hinges attached to my c channel

OK, so you are really off topic here You are in the VEX Code Technical Support for IQ robots.
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But you have hinges, and you might have lecan to cut out exact sizes of what you want your wedge to be. You need to make sure the front corners are well rounded so they don’t dig into a floor tiles.

Also this is in IQ, when it seems like this is targeting VRC. Multiple mod actions needed here. :slight_smile:

Wedges, are often skinnier pieces on the back of the robot. Lots of teams use HS shafts, or standoffs to accomplish this task. Skirts are much more common and seem to be what you are talking about. Skirts can easily be made by attaching a hinge to your base and polycarb.