How to build an elevator lift

We are prototyping lifts and do not know how to build an elevator lift. Please send instructions and advice.

Double Reverse 4 Bar

Thanks? Not quite sure how that helps.

Thats my advice. Oh also you can probably find info way faster by searching the forums for this exact question (been posted many time) OORRRRRR look it up???

could someone please answer us… we need instructions urgently… we really would just like instructions…

Once someone’s parents asked for the address to a school for a competition, and our instructor just sent the google results link for it. Google is a very nice convenience, wouldn’t you think?

thank you for giving instructions, we deeply appreciate this…

There’s always this I guess.

and this (animation of the lift I linked about).

thanks so much this was awesome! we were struggling to find something on the forum we must have been using the wrong keywords… we deeply appreciate this!

Just bear in mind that this was copied a lot during the Skyrise season, use the ideas it presents and build something better rather than just copying that design part for part.