How to build DR4B lift

Hey! My team is making a DR4B lift this year. does anyone have any parts lists or advice on how to make this lift? Thanks in advance,

This may not be IQ but it should get the point through on how it works.

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not the best video but betwene this and the other one u should be able to piece it together hi


If this is for vex IQ, be aware of the 15" height limit at all times. It might make more sense to use a four bar to maintaining linearity and for the sake of simplicity.


not really just make small linkages a 4bar has a swing problem a dr4b does not
my sister has a good one actually come to think of it


wait so we changed our design to a stacker. any tips for that?

elaborate and give pics

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we currently have just a basic u chassis (we can change if we need to) and we need to build a stacker. i was thinking a tray stacker would work because it is simple which leaves a lot of time for coding and if we run into problems. the only problem is no one on my team knows how to build much since we are all pretty new

I swear Iā€™m gonna make a tutorial on how to set the category correctly


Most of the robots at worlds for the 2017 In The Zone were DR4B. There should be some good examples online

iq or EDR label your topic corectly if this is edr there are already multiple threads for this

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