How to build DR4B with 1 motor

Since both sides would have to be connected with a long axle, is there a way to prevent the raising arm from hitting the axle? Would the raising arm have to be above the axle, and how could this be achieved?
(Raising arm is ur cone intake part from itz)

I’m not too sure what you mean by this. Many teams had an axle that crossed their rd4b for ITZ (ex/ 202Z) and they never had an issue with their arm hitting it

I think he is intending to put the motor on the towers, not the midsection of the lift. It would probably be easiest to put the motor on the midsection, though.

Are you putting the motor on the tower holding the DR4B? Try putting the motor in the middle of the DR4B.

Okay that would make sense. The only way this is feasible though is to have a thin dr4b (ex/ 6135W) that gives you space on the outside of the base towers. There is not really a way to fit motors on the inside of the base towers.

Huh? Just put the single motor on the inside of the midsection of the DR4B. Then it won’t hit the towers. There are several ways to manage this.

Yes I know, that is what I mean, but I think the original goal of this post was to put the motors on the base towers somehow.

OK. Even then, there are still other ways. For example, put the motor low on the tower with a high-strength axle running all the way across. Use sprockets and chain or gears to move the rotation to the top of the tower.

Assuming the double reverse will be slim, you can have the motor drive the lift on the tower. It is what I am planning to do, and so far my prototype 1m dr4b works.

Why not have a wide dr4b and essentially replace the spot where the mogo lift is with the ball intake and launcher?

Imo I see no reason for a wide dr4b this year. For ITZ, the 4 bar had to fit around the cone tower, and for our robot, the end of the top set of bars did too. This year, you can save space and make a dr4b that is much thinner, then give most of your robot to the shooting function.

I just thought that its easier to put the launchers in the middle compared to the sides

where would the launchers be (and what type) if the dr4b occupied the middle? cuz currently im thinking of a puncher which might require some length but maybe flywheels work better on the side?

Although it would not necesarily look the best, I was sort of thinking that the dr4b would be off-center…
If it is thin enough, then the center of gravity should still be kept far enough over the robot that it wouldnt tip.

I think you’re both making good points. This will probably depend on the ball intake and launcher methods alongside the lift design.

A lot of it just comes down to when you actually build it too. Specifics may change what works and what doesn’t, so we just have to wait and see.

Yeah, our DR4B used chain and sprockets. We could have theoretically used one motor and a long high strength axle down way below (our motors were mounted very low), except it would have been in the way of the mobile goal lift. That won’t be a problem in the new game, but something else may be.

I would recommend putting the bottom stage on the inside of the upper stage. Not only will it be easy to add one axle in between them, but also you can add a lot more cross bracing on the bottom stage, which makes it a lot more stable. In ITZ, our lift had the bottom stage on the inside of the towers and it was very stable, even though we used half c-channel.