How to build the indexer without using pneumatics

When the disk goes into the intake, there is a distance between it and the flywheel. We need some sort of pushing mechanism to push the disk into the flywheel but we do not have pneumatics. Is there a substitute for it?

This is a great example of a bot that uses 0 pneumatics


You can imitate pneumatics by using a “choo-choo” mechanism. - I don’t know what else to call it.

Slip gear on a elevator gear piece on rails with rubber band adding tension should be a good way to make this (looks like what the mentorbuilt bot is using) Gl!

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Here’s a picture for reference of the mentorbuilt bot

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Check out what the VEXIQ teams are doing for their rapid shooters. Definitely some crossover mechanisms there.

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I may have or may not have seen the “Butter Knife”, it’s a short length of 1x material that has one end attached to the motor. It has a slight twist that runs under the disk as it pushes it forward, as it lifts the trailing edge of the disk up. It does about 2/3 of a rotation to index the disk into the launch mechanism.

Since I can not touch or build the robot the above may be wrong. But I recently had cataract surgery and have slept in an holiday inn so you can incorrectly draw your own conclusions.

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If you’re going with 6m drive 1m intake and 1m fly you can run a simple pto from your intake to power your indexer.

You could also try to do the same thing with a ratchet (tho idk abt it)

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In my opinion the ratchet is defo better. Requires no pneumat8cs. My robot has no issue rumming the intake, roller mech and indexer off 1 motor.


Usually a PTO requires pistons to change where the power is going. You could probably ratchet your intake to power a linear puncher to push discs into the flywheel, or double ratchet the flywheel motor to spin a wheel style indexer.

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Do you have any issues with the intake ramming (since I assume it can’t run in reverse)?

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so the indexer is ratcheted off of the intake. the itake and roller can go forwards and backwards. and hte indexer is activated when hte intake reverses.

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rubberband gun mechanism? (20chars)


Hello Jake,

This is our team first year in vex and would like to know if we can get a video of your robot build,will be really helpful for our team.


Best recource is youtube. Just go to serch bar and look up vex spin up and you can find countles videos of matches, robot ewveals and ro ot explanations.

That is the mentor build ome

This is mine which also has a non pneumatic indexer. My lawyers have advised me to tell you jot to warch mime qoth ear buds