How to buy VEX Speaker

How would I buy a VEX Speaker, the rules still allow it, and I would love to play this specific song every competition.
Can anyone help me out with this? I’ll buy it as long as it is official VEX and legal.

The VEX Speaker is discontinued and no longer sold by VEX. You might be able to find one second-hand though.

Do note that it is not compatible with V5.

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Is it not possible to code it, or is it impossible for the Brain to interact with it, for example, the VEX Brain can work with 393 motors.

It used a special port on the Cortez brain that the V5 brain does not have

Oop there go my dreams xD

Ngl thought that was a rick roll.

I believe that a speaker not on your robot is allowed, as long as it doesn’t overpower the refs

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