How to check if you qualify for state?

Ok so in Minnesota(idk if this is in other states I’m sure it is) the top like 40% of skills in the whole state are qualified for a state invite and I was wondering how do we check if we qualified. I found our world ranking which is 1254 if you could help that would be great. Btw our team number is 9821E

1254 seems well below the cutoff even if u did check. It’s not too 40 percent also. Pretty sure it’s like top x teams, no percent

Go to robot events .com and look up the states competition and look at team list.

For skills go to world skills standings. Find your team, and change it to your state.

That’s not quite how it works. The procedure for advancing to your state championship is described on page 3 of the qualifying criteria document.

To summarize:

  • Each qualifying event gets a certain number of spots at the state championship (depending on the qualifying event’s size, the size of the state championship, and the total number of qualifying events), which go the winners of certain awards at the qualifying event.
  • If, after every qualifying event has finished, there are still spots open at states (for example, because one or more teams qualified for states at multiple events), then the remaining spots are filled from the statewide skills standings.

So, it’s impossible to say what skills score you need to qualify for your state championship until all qualifying events in the state have been held, which is usually not until 2 weeks before the championship event.

Of course, if you win a qualifying award at a qualifier, then you know for sure you have qualified, and can stop worrying whether your skills score will be good enough!