How to code LED to run a program?

Hello, My team is trying to code an LED light to help us start and stop our program. We keep getting an error message which reads Error:Type mismatch with previous ‘const’ declaration for variable with the same name? what does this mean? Thx.

What programming language are you using? You can certainly code an LED to let you choose options, start a portion (maybe nearly the whole thing) of a program, etc. This is something I have my students do.

As for the error, it means you have something like a variable integer to which you are trying to assign a string, or something like that. You are trying to put the wrong sort of thing into a place. So your constant isn’t the right sort of thing to stick in wherever you’re sticking it in. But I can’t say much beyond this without knowing more about what you’re doing. It would help a lot if you would say what language you’re using and post your code.

Okay, Thank you. The language is RobotC. I can’t post the code here because the code is on the school laptop. But we did find a solution.