How to code robot for spin up

Could you assist me in programming my robot. I am new and need some assistance.

When asking assistance from the forum it is best to ask concerning one specific issue. The forum will not give you code that makes your entire robot work but we’ll help you if you have a specific issue.

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Yeah this forum is for members to ask specific questions so people can help them out. I have and currently teaching/mentoring people on how to code I’m willing and happy to help you out if you’d like to get in contact.

Based on how vague your question is, I’m assuming that you’re new to programming. There are two main methods of programming a VEX V5 robot. VEXCode and PROS. You can choose which one.

First, I’m going to link some tutorials on the basics of VEX programming here (these use VexCode).
VEXCode V5 Text Coach Tutorial 1: Including Motors and the Basic Parts of a Program - YouTube
The creator of this video has a series of 4 videos that explain a lot of the basics.

You can download VexCode from here: VEXcode Install V5 - VEX Robotics

There’s quite a bit of information here that you go through and explore to help you learn about how VEX programming for V5 works: VEXcode Overview - VEX Robotics

If you’re feeling a little courageous and want to try something that has some more potential and has a better support community, check out PROS (
You can find tons of introductory resources for PROS on this website, but it is just a tiny bit harder to get used to as a beginner. Despite this, I always recommend this for people who think they might want to move on to serious programming at some point.

Either way, you have some great resources here that will get you started with either choice.
Once you’ve gotten started with this, feel free to ask more questions here. I’m not online much anymore, so be sure to ping me if you have any questions for me specifically. Use @Electrobotz to notify me.


Thank you @Electrobotz , I will use these to gain some basic knowledge.

Thank you @Seth_D, that would be very helpful. Can you provide me with the contact info.

@Seth_D , I need some help on understanding the controls of vex code or pros