How to configure joystick?

Do you make a program for the Cortex, or can you download a program directly to the joystick?

All programs are sent to and stored on the Cortex microcontroller; the Joystick simply passes data (such as joystick values, joystick button values, and joystick accelerometer data) to the Cortex for processing. It also acts as a bridge between a Cortex and a computer (if using the Programming Hardware Kit with a VEXNext connection to a Cortex) or a competition switch/field (if plugged in via the Competition port).

For information on creating and using a remote control (VEXNet) ROBOTC program on a Cortex, take a look through the ‘Remote Control’ section of our VEX Cortex Video Trainer using ROBOTC (link below). Also, take a look through the ‘Remote Control’ sample programs which can be used as a base template for remote control programming.

Setting up a VEXNet connection:|_____3

VEX Cortex Video Trainer using ROBOTC: