How to configure Joysticks to be something else other than drivetrain

I am trying to configure the joysticks to be one of my motors instead of using drivetrain but I am unable to do so for the joysticks will only work with the drivetrain. Is there any way that I can use the joysticks for something other than the drive train?

Y don’t u just tell it to move a different motor

They’re talking about this, the joysticks don’t have options to any other motors
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@SiliconOxide Is that the pre made drive code?

Yes, it is although they can just easily make a “custom” one

@ThotPoket I think that for what u want to do, u have to make a program using robotv for 393, or vexcode and PROS for v5

Something like this should work
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What I did was this:
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its was easy to customize and that’s coming from a 1st year coder. This can be done different ways and this is also for a 2 motor drive train.