how to connect 10 motors?

one simple question, how do we connect a maximum of 10 motors/servos to the microcontroller which only has 8 motor ports? are we allowed to use 2 microcontrollers? where can we find the wiring diagram for the microcontroller/rx/motors/sensors?

thanks alot, we have 10 motors on our robot right now and no clue how to connect them.

You can use Y-splitters on 2 of the motor ports to attach 2 motors to a port. But the 2 motors that are on the same port can’t operate independently (they’ll be controlled in the same way). So you’ll have to find pairs of motors that operate together (for example, 2 wheels on the same side of a 4-wheel drive).

See Rule <R9> in the game manual.

For a list of links to technical specs, see this page.

Hope this helps!

Are we allowed to use FTC Y-Splitters? Simply because we are out of vex parts, and it will not arrive in time. Thanks for the replies.

You are going to get the same answer given to all “can I use a non-VEX part” questions: If they are exactly the same as VEX parts, you can use them. The “exact” thing is up to the inspector(s).

If I were inspecting your robot, I would approve Y-cables that differed only in having different-colored insulation, but this is NOT AN OFFICIAL answer. Only the lead inspector or the official Clean Sweep question forum can give a definitive answer. Good luck with your robot!

thx for the quick reply, do you know the gauge of the wires of the y-splitter? i cannot seem to find that information, and since we don’t have one single vex y-splitter, we cannot compare what we can find at lets say… a hobby shop.

use 2 y-cables,and make sure the black lines up with the black wire,and the white with the white