How to connect two brains?

I’ve looked through all the resources given as answers to similar questions I found via google, but the main problem I have that doesn’t seem to be addressed anywhere is actually going ahead and linking them. I just want to know how to actually make the radios connect to each other.


Why are you trying to connect 2 brains? I’m confused as to what function linking them over radio would provide. The radio is supposed to be for communication with the handheld controller and field controller (or a computer over bluetooth), not robot to robot.

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See this


I’m trying to find out how to connect multiple brains due to a machine that I’m working on having a large number of moving parts (also because this is what I have been tasked to do). Although using the radio isn’t required and I would use wires if necessary, I’ve not found any results by using the cables (and I’m unfortunately not capable of modifying them even slightly), and connecting the brains wirelessly will provide less clutter, and reduce the possibility of wires getting caught in moving parts.

Also from what I’ve read it seems that radios are perfectly capable of connecting two brains. I just don’t know how x-x

That I have looked at though it doesn’t seem to help? Reading through once again, I’m still not quite sure how to pair the radios with vexlink, nor really how to assign the brains as a manager or worker (or even how to connect more than one.)
There’s a strong possibility that I’ve somehow missed or misunderstood parts of it due to my relative lack of familiarity with this sort of topic. Would you (or someone seeing this) mind pointing out a specific part of the document for me to look at more thoroughly, or just outright tell me? I don’t mean to sound demanding, I’m just some confused boi._."

I too have a reason to connect two brains (so one can be a custom controller and the other act as a regular brain) from the info that I gathered, it is only possible with a script but all of That your talking about is new to me and I thank you for the new info. if you have any more info on this topic I would love to hear it. Thanks.

What’s the project that need two V5 brains ?

What’s not clear from the document I linked a year ago ?

I am dearly sorry but that link is blocked by my school admin, and there’s no other way for me to access it. Also the (passion) project is a “transmitted reality” head set with encoders at the joints of each arm,(The hands would just be claws, I’m not putting that much work into it.) and an XYZ axis for the head. I need one brain to read the input and take it to the other brain for the output. The output in question, is a semi tall robot with a wide base, arms, and a head were there is a vex vision sensor, that will be hooked up via WiFi to a smart phone, (this is all the vision sensor will do) the head will swivel left, right, up, and down. The arms will be similarly designed. It will shadow your actual movements to an extent. and you will be able to see in first person thanks to the vision sensor. And I want to make this just for fun, its not a school assignment or anything.

perhaps try from home.