How to connect Vex IQ with arduino

I am trying to find the documentation to connect Vex IQ with Arduino and process user inputs from arduino.

I searched through the forum but couldn’t find the referred documentation any where.

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Vex IQ uses I2C as the communication bus when talking to the devices. You can attach the arduino to one of the 12 ports using its I2C port, then implement the Vex IQ protocol for your communication needs. I haven’t seen any ready-made arduino sensor implementation, but you could start with the sample MSP430 implementation available.
See this library and an article by James Pearman to get you started:

Thank you nenik for your response…

I am not a good electronics guys… i am basically a programmer. I am asking this for a project I am doing with my son to add speaker to vexiq kit. It doesn’t come with a good seaker module so I was just wondering if I can use arduino to connect a speaker module to vexiq.

Do you have any video demonstration to show how to connect arduino with vexiq? (sorry for asking too much)


Any other way to add speaker module to vex iq? (existing one is not loud enough)

Thank you