How to control fast holonomic drivetrain

Hey guys!
I built myself an 3:1 x drive with 8 torque config. motors just to see how it works. I have encountered that after programming the joystick, the 2 axis analog joysticks have become VERY sensitive due to the ratio I equipped to the holonomic drivetrain. Is there any way I can overcome the sensitivity without changing the gear ratio? Please, tell me if I’m not making any sense lol.
Thanks in advance.

Edit: Lemme put an example:
When I move the analog joystick forward, the drivetrain goes slightly to the right (or left) due to human error.

Easy. Use a cubic function. I use a cubic function no matter how sensitive my drive train is. Basically it lets me get very fine control when I move the sticks lightly but if I move them all the forward I can get the full power. I would give you the exact cubic funtion i use on desks but I’m on mobile rn so lol can’t do that. But here’s a pic anyways
See how it starts out slow but exponentially increases? Tweak around with some of the vars until it sits close enough to (0,0) and (127,127) and until you get your desired curve. Then just use your motors as y and your vexRT as x.

Woah. That does seems like a good solution! I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before. A
Can I wait until you’re available to give out the cubic function?

Sure. Are you on the discord? I’ll be availabile tonight. If not, I’ll just give it to you on the forums.