How To Convert High Strength Motors to Speed Motors

So I just thought of an amazing drive train idea. The only problem is the design requires high speed motors and all my motors are for torque. How do I change the internal gear ratio to speed? Thanks

If you’ve got a few 393’s, it’s fairly simple. When you bought the motors, they came with a set of gears. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws in the corners on the front of the motors, take out the gears that are already there, and replace them with the ones that came with the motor. Careful, because these tiny screws like to strip.

If you lost the gears or strip the corner screws and need to order more, they’re available here.

Just to clarify it is the side with the studs to screw the motor down with not the green side that you need to open.

It is the side with the studs that you want to open if you want to change how the motor is geared.

The green side is opened if you want to attach the integrated motor encoders.