How to counter push bots that push discs into low goal

Especially at the not so advanced nationals, there are going to be a lot of robots made to push all the discs into their low goal to score points and stop others from getting discs, this would overpower a more complex high goal bot which won’t be able to get the discs to shoot.

This will be very annoying so how can we counter this?

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Easy, score more than they can. Win autonomous bonus, shoot high goal, and turn rollers to your alliance color.

I am not sure why you are worried about low goal scoring by pushbots.


Take full advantage of march loads. Rollers good expansion. Mabey figure a way to climp over the dividers and be able to do across the feild shots.

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When all discs are piled in the corner it is difficult to load them 3 at a time and shoot them. they can push faster than we can load and shoot

Again, score more than the other alliance.

Scenario they get all 38 field discs and their alliance match and pre-loads into low goal - 47 points… you shoot only your alliance match loads and pre-load to high goal. 11 discs * 5 = 55…

I am not certain about your worries here. There are plenty of things you can do that are not disc related - such as rollers, autonomous bonus, and end game covering of tiles. All add up quickly compared to bulldozing discs to low goal.

Moreover, you can remove discs from low goal.

These are things you and your team should be discussing amongst yourselves.

Have fun!


I don’t think pusbots will be prevalent considering insorder for them to push more than 3 discs the pushing surface has to be flat or convex. With a flat surface a team would be able to push discs alot but I don’t think it will be effective because they will have a hard time turning work discs to avoid the barrier to score in the low goal.


A fast robot scoring 3 at a time can push a lot into the low goal in 90 seconds. A scoop that holds 3 disks would be an easy build.

I would predict that in early events that a low goal only robot will do well until teams that shoot get shooters dialed in.


Another idea…

Have a robot with a decent flywheel aimed roughly horizontal and shoot discs flat into the wall so they land in your low goal. That way they fly to the goal and you don’t have to push them there. Some pushbots will probably do at least okay early season. In IQ Pitching In, there were at least eight pushbots at Michigan Middle School States. They all did badly, relative to the catapults, but they had made it to States.

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I love it. I’m getting ready to spin VIQ teams up for their game. It also lends towards a “mower” style shooter. VIQ has these neat weights that would make it easy to spin up and keep the inertia going.

/sigh … forgot I was an adult and now I think teams will be in violation of the rules having an adult help…


There are 60 discs total. Ignoring auto/rollers/expansion and just looking at the disc game, if you can score 10 discs in the goal that’s 50 points which ties with the 50 remaining assuming they’re all in your opponents low goal. If you can score 11 discs, that’s 55 points to their max of 49.

Given there are 105 seconds of driver control, that’s roughly one disc scored in the high goal every ten seconds to win the disc game against somebody who can’t score in the high goals.

Add in the fact that if you can score in the high goal and your opponent can’t, you’re very likely to win auto which is another 10 points, the strategy to beat pushbots is just… have a decent robot that isn’t a pushbot.

You don’t need to score faster than them, you just need to score at a fairly slow pace until there’s not enough disks left on the field for them to win.