How to deal with the failure of wireless transfer for v4 or v5

When I wanted to download the program to my robot, it showed that box in the screen.


The name of the cable is Orange USB-to-Serial.
But the cable doesn’t have something wrong.
I checked the hardware, there was a yellow exclamation mark there.


How can I solve this problem?
Thank you!
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Hello urnotxintianjiang,

Thanks for taking the time to post your question.
It looks like you accidentally posted your question on the ROBOTC section of the forum. Since you are running easyC software, I will move your question to the “Unofficial Tech Support- Ask the Community” section of the forum for further feedback from other easyC users.

The recommendation that I have for you is to re-download the program directly into your Microcontroller using the USB A-to-A cable, instead of the USB-to-Serial cable.


Doc1.pdf (84.5 KB)

Was this in the device manager? If so then the issue is with the driver.

Which version of the cable do you have? Old prolific version (USB to 9pin connector, square orange adapter) or the new VEX version (long rectangular adapter with USB port) ?

If you have the older version you may wish to read this post (a bit old and out of date at this point).
prolific serial drivers and bad cable

with either version you may want to reinstall drivers from here.

Thank you!
I will try the driver next Tuesday. Is it possible to download by the wireless transfer if it works?

I had similar problem after downloading the prolific. I had to go into the options and manually select the prolific to use usb-serial prolific. When you hit options, go to the second tab and you will see an option to manually or automatically select which comm port to use. You must hit manual and select the usb-serial comm port. I cannot tell you what comm port it will be because it depends on the computer.

The problem is, I have to do this every time I use the serial cable. When I switch back to usb-usb, I have to reselect auto.

Hope this helps