How to debug programs without the need for usb cable

How to debug programs without the need to connect the USB cable to the brain someone who can help me please

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My suggestion would be (while primitive) use robot mesh studio. start a new project, select v5 mimic, and choose the coding language you would like to proceed with. quickly cad your prototype of the thing you are trying to debug, plug in the code, and you SHOULD be able to pinpoint the problem.

I just linked robot mesh for you.

2nd Edit:
nuts and bolts are important as well as something to support your prototype, (like a floor or some sort of stand) are important. otherwise, your cad will fall apart, or fall into nothingness. good luck! hope this helps!

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Thank you very much friend, but what I mean is that I want to learn how to debug a program without the need for a usb cable and send via bluetooth for competition

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During a competition match, the only legal way to receive any data back from the robot is to the LCD on the controller. Communication with other devices would not be legal.
If you want to debug in practice time, you can connect the controller to your compiter via USB and recieve data via the controllers wireless link to the robot.

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It’s not possible to use BLE from VEXcode yet, you can connect usb to the controller and program wirelessly using that.


Hello thank you very much for your answer friend, but I also wanted to ask you how to send the program for control is how to make it uwe I have to move to the control so that the data is passed there and it is wirelessly as in v4 that sent it for control. The question is how do I do it now in v5 that I move to the control or to vex code friend??

Can you ask that in a more understandable way? We’re having a hard time understanding your question.

With VEXcode, if the brain is paired with the controller, you can plug the USB into the controller to download/debug as you could with cortex and the the orange cable adapter.