How to defeat wall bots?

Has anyone thought of a strategy to defeat a wall bot yet? It’s inevitable that many will be at worlds. I wonder if it is legal to drive on top of them. Is the only way to stop them, to block them yourself?

To defeat a wall bot… make sure it has loose screws and have half of your wall falls apart… (poor choice on my part :slight_smile: )

A while back I thought of climbing over the iso wall. I never actually made an attempt at it but its definitely doable

I think that is illegal to do…

your red team. If the blue gate is raised, I think you can do it. If its the black gates

Not while the gate is open. If the gate is closed it is illegal. Once it opens it’s fair game. At least, that’s just what I’ve been told.

Super Stacker bot!

Nobody ever seems to call those “black gates” their proper name: the fence. Anyways. 1492X’s alliance did beat 1492Z’s alliance yesterday. What I can tell you is that they’re not completely impenetrable, just think harder.

A wall bot can block the super stacker bot inside the isolation zone during autonomous.

I was about to say the exact same thing.

that is true as per Q+A


  1. thats because the wallbot was “smaller” this time
    (what happened???)
  2. you had the pyramid
    (did the wallbot GIVE you the pyramid by ramming it?!?!?)

thats what alliance partners are for :slight_smile:

Being a team that went against a wall bot that collects every object in the pyramid within the first second of the match, its no easy task. Our alliance 687k passed the bot before it performed this action (they were fast). Then they blocked the scoring robot on the wall bots alliance. This left us(1138B) in the isolation zone, we scored filling up our high goal. At the 50 second mark we juked the wall bot and stayed at the interaction starting tile until 30 seconds. Then we sped past the wall bot again and scored the doubler on our high goal. I remember the score was 18-11, in favor of our alliance. There is a way to beat any strategy :).

not if its done “properly” :wink:
theoretical “properly” would be pyramid on their side, and unpushable wall (brace against the wall) in autonomous (before anyone can “speed past”)

and even then, the game can still be won…
ill give a cookie to whoever can tell me first :slight_smile:
(along with mathematical proof :))

Our wallbot, by the end moves VERY slowly… Why you may ask? Because our robot is also a hoarder, so we can store the opposing teams objects. Too bad it can’t go to Worlds.

I know! I know! I wants a cookie.

But… what if you had a wall bot with a stacker bot? I’ll let you figure out the maths.

Cmon man…I have homework to do… It’ll take me forever to type up all the maths. :frowning:

I’m pretty sure I already calculated the score on your thread.

Won a tournament with a wall bot yesterday.

It seems like the following are the best ways to defeat a wall bot:

  1. Wall bots have to deploy, which takes at least some small portion of time. If you can employ an autonomous which drives forward at full speed and attempts to bypass that robot before it can fully deploy, you can slip past that walls defenses and play a solid harassment game by sitting near the gate and running interference on the scoring isolation bot. This is very difficult to do, and will almost invariably require you to drive over the opponent’s starting tile in the interaction zone, costing you a doubler and a negator. This puts you at a strategic disadvantage. However, unless the wall bot has a scoring mechanism (and if they do, let’s face it, they deserve the win) the opposing team only has one scoring robot. If your isolation bot can claim the middle 18’s, and you can claim the middle thirty in the interaction zone, you stand a solid chance. This strategy yielded the other alliance one win and a close loss in the playoffs. We did manage to defeat them, however, by switching in both scoring robots.

  2. If you cannot bypass the wallbot in autonomous, pray that they leave at least some small gap between themselves and the walls. If you have a small, fast robot, place it in the interaction zone. Attempts to lure them away from the middle thirty, then slip through the gap between the end of the wallbot and the middle thirty (this strategy successfully defeated our wall bot alliance in one playoff match, but did not work in future matches.)

  3. Score on the middle thirty during autonomous. Have your ally score on the middle 18’s in the isolation zones first. If they can score on the middle thirty from isolation, have them do that. If you can win these goals, the match favors you heavily. Easier said than done.

  4. I don’t ever recommend this strategy but you can always try to force them to get DQ’d. Positioning your robot so that the deployment of the wall will entangle your robot, and then screaming at the referees COULD work. Our referees ruled that no one could be held at fault for entanglement during autonomous, otherwise we would have lost a match in finals by DQ (there was a lot more to it, but that is a summary).

Wallbots are essentially game breaking if done correctly. All strategies designed to counter them required placing your robot at risk (driving directly under a metal bar that was coming down very quickly) or building a robot small enough to maneuver around a wall bot.

The good news is that non-scoring wallbots have no way to gurantee victories in matches, and thus do not end up very high ranked. Teams selecting them cannot afford to select another top 8 alliance as their first pick, because it is strategically necessary to select the wall bot first. This essentially gives 2nd and 3rd place slightly-better-than-usual options for alliance selection, and prevents 1st seed from picking 2nd seed. But that is only a mild consolation to 3rd seed when they are faced with a massive aluminum wall.

Was it some team like 1143 or some number like that? A team near us went to the Golden State Championships and lost in the finals due to the wall bot.

This would not DEFEAT a wall bot.

However, if the Super Stacker were to be allied with the wallbot, then all pieces of Exodia have been assembled.