How to defeat wall bots?

well this was team 1437, their near us, like in the valley of la. Their robot’s pretty effective at defense.

Jump over it?

Yeah I meant 1437. I got 3 out of the 4 digits right.

@ FirePhoenix - Hey we like our numbers in the right order please! :frowning: You would not mix up 1103’s number and call him 1013, nor would you mix up green egg’s numbers … well I guess you can mix those up and it wouldn’t hurt :smiley: which 4 comes first?

Go ahead and try to mix up Gladstone Secondary’s team number…

  1. Attempt at a strategy that didn’t execute well due to lack of time for testing/tweaking. :o
    Probably won’t be go any more regionals, but hopefully at Worlds you will see what our intent was.

  2. Yes… that was a uhh… miscalculation to say the least.

Run your interaction robot over to the other side of the field as fast as you can… if you get over there it completely negates the usefulness of the wall bot. Then gate up and load matchloads to score the two 30" goals enough to prevent doubling.

Easier said than done x.x

We found that pushing one side of a wall bot will give you enough leverage to push past it, even if its wheel base is more powerful than yours.

One purpose of the wall bot is to give its partner robot an edge on the number of available goals to score on. However, if the opponent isolation robot can quickly fill up the middle 30" goal with the gate down, as well as the other isolation goals, (using the 5 objects in the iso zone and the 8 match loads given from the inter. robot, and the random objects from the pyramid), than the available goal advantage stays with the non-wall bot alliance. The only problem with this strategy is that the wall bot can block the loading of the doubler barrel from the opponent in the interaction zone. Nevertheless, Cambie’s robot and a wall-bot would indeed be unbeatable, unless you can sneak past the wall-bot of course.

By the way, 1437’s wall bot is amazing! (though sometimes controversial)
It really was a game changer at the competition last Saturday, and our alliance, (1437z, 1437, and 569) would have probably lost in the finals if it wasn’t for the awesomeness of the 1437 wall-bot. It is also very unique :wink: You may see videos of it on my youtube channel soon, as long as Viewpoint doesn’t mind.

Lol sorry… I didn’t memorize your number since I didn’t even go to the competition…

I have an epic picture of their robot, which is what started the thread.

I wonder if the power of two robots against one wall bot would be able to push past the wall bot.

i wonder if climbing over it would work, like tall tank treads or suspension.

Thats what I’ve been thinking. All the wall bots Ive seen are very low to the ground. You might also be able to climb over them with the 6" wheel legs. However Im not sure if this is legal or not. I have a feeling it might not be.

1437’s wall bot is pretty nice. We were alliances with them for a match and I did not even see it open but by the sound of it I thought we were all going to die. One of the Spur-Flys teams aimed their robot towards the pyramid and it got swallowed. I was shocked that there was no damage. Also in one match, someone got past it.

Hmm that’s a problem with wall bots like 254G and 1437 cause 254G expands and becomes a true 18" wall and 1437 has an object collector in the middle so you can’t really climb over that stuff.

Ya in the math division final, team 687k got past the wall bot. Our strategy worked!!! We won that match 18 to 11. In match 2 we played the same strategy, except this time our ally did not get past the wall, we lost 22 to 21. In the final 3 we got completely defeated, and the wall bot did not play. We lost because our ally touched the opponent tile in auton. We lost our doubler and negation, and when it came time for them we didn’t even know what happened. We were out smarted by the opposing alliance, because we had to put our robots down first, so we really had no choice but to set up as if we were playing the wallbot…

I just watched the video of the finals of the Golden State Championship and it seems like 1437 should have been disqualified for clearly pinning 599D for more than 5 seconds against a game object.

In this video, they start pinning 599D against the goal at 2:13 and continue pinning them next to game objects until 2:20 when they attempt to move backwards and then press forward again.

What do you guys think?