How to defeat wall bots?

It looks like 599 might still have had room to move left or backwards, but they didn’t want to. If this is the case then it wasn’t a pin, but it’s very hard to tell from the video.

The video is awesome, though. The pneumatic lift is really cool, as is the robot that eats the centre stack.

The extensions on the sides of a wallbot are like huge levers. If you push on the side extension, you will have a lot of leverage and you can spin the wall bot sideways.

When we were driving 599’s alliance partner had us held against them. If we could have moved we would have. Any pinning was unintentional.

It also eats smaller robots. Those who attended that tournament got to witness that.

man i feel bad for 21, there bot got eaten in the previous final match.

Did it get thrown in or something? 21 isn’t even small

G knows how. :wink:

I honestly don’t see any advantage to eating the stack as they seem to be eating both alliance color game objects, with seemingly no way to release them. Am I missing something?

I was thinking that as well. Although, there are a few benefits because it is technically 2 robots vs 1 and while 2 NZ robots could easily finish scoring all the game objects, only one might take the same time so it might lessen the burden for their partner. Oh and I think that their robot is able to move the rest of the objects into their side of the field, which deprives their enemy of even more objects.

It gives half the stack to its partner which is enough of an advantage. Not only that, but the purpose of wallbots is to deprive the opponent of objects while also insuring the mid goal is won. If the wallbot deprives their partner of a few objects it doesn’t really matter, the math still works out in the wallbot’s favor. Doublers and negators are crazy hard with a wallbot in your way as well.

Hmm, this talk about wallbots is kinda making me interested in creating one myself. I guess it will come to luck at worlds if we get paired up with wall bots in the qualification matches and not against them.

Wallbots usually don’t fare well in qualification matches. Even though the level of play at Worlds will be higher than any regional, if your partner just downright can’t score enough in the 2 minutes of freedom they have, the wallbot is pretty screwed.

It’s true, our record was 4-3-1, the only reason for the tie was neither of the opposing robots worked after a short period of time so we scored 3 in the corner goals. The 3 losses were do to non-existent/incapacitated partners. Assuming the ally robot could score, our wall bot was very effective.

Just wondering, how wide is your robot? 4ft? or 5ft?

Id like to see a video of that…hint, hint

The robots that I have seen that were “walls” move very slow if you have a gear ratio of 18:12 or higher you could easily slip past them I got this from the golden state vid but if you guys have a video of a fast “wall” bot please show the link I really would like to see a fast one

1492Z from a December competition was on 8 motors, 1:1, 4" omni wheels. It was an X holonomic drive. I’d say it was a pretty fast robot and although there were clearly some flaws in both build and strategy, it would be pretty easy to prevent an opponent from slipping past since it could strafe with its holonomic.

yeah i thought that was pretty fast too for a wall bot. how strong was it in pushing battles?

Wallbots can be fast. My current wallbot is 1:1, 2 motors each wheel, holonomic, and it can push for a while.

Strong enough. Wallbots don’t need to “win” pushing battles though. If the Wallbot and the opponent both push and end up both stalling their motors/hitting their breakers, the Wallbot wins because even if it doesn’t move, it’s still doing it’s job.

It was strong enough to push 1492X sideways even when 1492X used high traction wheels.