How to defeat zoning

A popular strategy used in recently or the Kalahari finals was to have one defensive robot on each alliance zoning/ defending the attacking one. What are some really good tricks, manoeuvres to defeat this type of strategy (both from the defenders and attackers perspective?)

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Im in iq, so take my advice with a grain of salt I guess. I would suggest you have 2 offensive robots. Think about it like this:
Opposing alliance–> 1 defensive bot focusing on pushing around the other alliance, and one offensive bot, so only one robot would be mainly scoring, not including rollers or endgame.
Your alliance–> 2 offensive bots, both scoring, although one would be scoring less than the other, because the defensive bot on the other alliance can only focus on 1 robot at a time. I assume that this robot could use evasive maneuvers to get a few good shots in, while the second bot on your alliance would be scoring also. Hopefully this would result in more points.

And if all else fails, remember, if you cant beat them, join them and copy the strat


The so-called “zoning” that you have described is actually something that has always been used since… Sack Attack?

Normally we just call this match off.
And that’s when scouting data is important - which opposing robot is the main offensive robot? And it need not always be putting the “weaker” alliance robot to play defence against the opposing main offensive robot. End of the day, it is about reducing your opponents’ offensive ability so that your alliance will have a higher success rate.

And this is also the reason why worlds eliminations will always have a place for defensive robot, e.g. 62A in ITZ.

How to overcome this sort of gameplay? It all depends.
e.g. if you send one of the alliance robot to play defence against the opponent, 2 factors to consider:

  1. Is your alliance’s defensive robot able to shut out the opponent?
  2. Is your alliance’s offensive robot able to get away from the opponent’s defensive robot?

These 2 considerations will affect how you want to do your match up and also sometimes, it might make more sense to get your own defensive robot to “protect” your offensive robot instead of playing active defence against the opponent.

Of course, another way of getting around this sort of gameplay will be just build robot that can withstand defence. e.g. 8059A and 169A in TP - both robots (in the same alliance) can take on the role of offensive and defensive, and both can withstand strong defence played against them.

Anyway, I will be around on 11 Feb SingNat - so do drop by and say hi :slight_smile: