How to determine what team mates can go to worlds


We have a middle school team with 6 team mates on team. There is another clubber in our middle school club but she never participated in anything. We made it to states without her as she still did not show up, our team won the excellence award at state and are now on our way to worlds! The other clubber is now saying she is going to worlds with us. Are there rules on who can and cannot go to worlds within a club?


uhhh i mean no not really, it’s pretty much all up to you and your club.


Right, it’s up to your teacher/advisor in your club. You should talk to them about it.

But to answer your question more directly, no there isn’t an exact rule on which teammates can or cannot go to worlds if your team is already qualified.


They didn’t help, so they shouldn’t go. It’s an expensive trip, so the club would save $1500 which could be used to buy more parts (Like V5).


okay that may be true but worlds is a really awesome opportunity and could inspire that member to work harder next year, yes they may not deserve it but they are still a part of the team.


I would leave the decision as to who goes or not to the club advisor/teacher. If the person is going, engage them to participate to the best of their abilities, do not shun them for past acts. An extra person, properly engaged, can make all the difference for the whole team.

good luck!


One important thing to note: any of the people who’ve been on another drive team before (like for their team) cannot be on your drive team. Other than that there’s not restrictions on bringing others.

I would however, leave the decision to your mentor/club sponsor, as I’d imagine you couldn’t send everybody extra, and that might lead to hurt feelings


Any person from your team can come to Worlds. If she isn’t doing anything then talk to her about it, but don’t take the world’s experience away from her. Going to worlds is a life changing experience, you would never want to miss out on it. So just talk with her and find a way for her to work and enjoy it.

Have a great time at worlds!


How do you know the school is paying for the club members to go? It’s equally likely that the participants are paying their own travel costs.


I’m not completely sure on this, but I think that the rules define a team as a group of 2-4 students, so while all of you could go, I think only 4 of you could be official team members, which means being at the field during matches and skills. I don’t think helping with coding or building at the pits would be a problem though. Best of luck to you at worlds!


The rules do not limit or define the number of students on a team. Most teams are 4-7 people, but some are much larger.


No… a team can be made up of however many people you want to be on your team. Could be 1, could be 20. The drive team is limited to 3 people allowed in the alliance station during a match (but they don’t have to be the same 3 people - just limited to 3 each time).

The definition of Team per the game manual:

Team – One or more Students make up a Team. A Team is classified as a Middle School Team if all members are Middle School Students. A Team is classified as a High School Team if any of its members are High School Students. Teams may be associated with schools, community/youth organizations, or a group of neighborhood Students.


Teams can be any size, the rules place no restriction on that.

What you might be thinking of is only 3 team members are allowed to be in the driving “box” at a time, but this doesn’t differentiate between the “official” team members and the “non official” team members. There are no “non official” team members officially designated by the rules (that’s a weird statement but yeah)


One team from our school qualified for worlds, and it is really exciting. Our advisers and them are getting their main costs covered by the district. None of us needed to tag along. However, we all wanted to go there to help them and have a great time.

We made a deal that everyone is happy with. The idea is that the competing team should focus on competing their best as much as possible, and not worry about other tasks that others can take care of. Everyone who is coming along has to pull their own weight, and has a job to do to help our team.

The teammates chose jobs for us depending on our skills. For example, they chose me to be the main planner and scheduler. This means making lists, puzzling the master schedule, researching as much information as I can, looking at directions in advance, making routines, and doing anything I can to plan and research.

We have someone who is the pit foreman, who watches over everything, keeps stuff organized, packs everything up, and accounts for everything. We have a team of scouts who do research before and during the competition to keep tabs on other teams. We also have a dedicated person who is from our school’s TV production class for filming everything.

Our teacher is securing funding so most of the costs for the extras coming are alleviated, but we still have to pay ~$150 (A steal.) We are a tightly woven group, and it’s great that we can all go and support our team.

Definitely open up the chance to that teammate, because it will be an awesome experience. If you give them the opportunity to help and have an important role, and if you can get them excited and dedicated about it, then everyone wins.